10. Testing Methods

Nuclear steam generator inspection and testing

Development of a technology for continuous acoustic emission monitoring of in-service damageability of metal in safety-related NPP equipment

Measurement of the stressed state of welded joints in the NPP process components and circulation pipelines based on acoustoelasticity theory

On line electrochemical monitoring in light water reactor (LWR) systems

Inspection qualification programme for VVER reactors and review of round robin test results

Structural safety analysis with engineering integrity assessment tools

Waveguide ultrasonic liquid level transducer for nuclear power plant steam generator

Integrity of VVER steam generator tubes

On-line monitoring for further corrosion reduction and better understanding of the activity build-up in LWR primary coolant systems

Material testing and evaluation from the point of view of the nuclear power plant safety

Application and development of ion chromatography for the analysis of transition metal cations in the primary coolants of light water reactors

Detection of defects in austenitic pipings and welds of nuclear power plant components by ultrasonics

Analyses and repair of defects found in the primary collector weld seams of the steam generators at loviisa nuclear power station

Fracture toughness evaluation of 1.4841 bolt subjected to simultaneous effects of creep and hydrogen embrittlement phenomena using small punch test: A case study in a superheater of a petrochemical unit

Experimental Procedures and Sensitization Diagnostics of AISI304 Steel by Double Loop Electrochemical Potentiodynamic Reactivation Method

A critical review of experimental aspects in ratcheting fatigue: microstructure to specimen to component

Non-destructive characterization of strain induced surface hardness increase by measuring magnetic properties of AISI 304

Atomic Force Microscopy, Scanning Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy and magnetic measurements on thermally oxidized AISI 304 and AISI 316 stainless steels

Evaluation of thermal aging embrittlement in CF8 duplex stainless steel by small punch test

Atom probe tomography for studying phase transformations in steels

A neutral network approach for acoustic leak monitoring in the VVER-440 pressure vessel head

Finite element calculation of crack propagation in type 304 stainless steel in diluted sulphuric acid solutions


Assessment of the correlation between mechanical testing and positron annihilation outcomes for RPV model alloys