Database of relevant publications to DELISA-LTO project

            This database is intended to streamline and expedite the work with publications, allowing for the collection of knowledge pertinent to material ageing and the long-term operation of VVER reactors. Additionally, it can serve as a valuable resource for future publication efforts and citation references. 

          The Database is only as a list of publications and do not contain the publications selves due to copyright law protecting the journals. The database contains links to the official publications.

          The selected publications prioritize the field of material research, with a particular emphasis on austenitic and ferritic steels applied in the primary circuits of VVER reactors. The publications are mainly focused on the response of investigated materials to thermal load as will be observed in the experimental part of the project.

        The database will undergo periodic updates to ensure its currency, with the incorporation of new or missing pertinent publications.

More information  in Document D6.2 -  Database of relevant publication to project DELISA-LTO (Deliverable 6.2 - Publications).

Database is available in format .rdf for managing in ZOTERO program.