Project Consortium

This international research project joins 5 European countries operating VVER reactors.


  • Department of Material and Mechanical Properties

  • Department of Diagnostics and Qualification

  • Department of Structural Integrity and Production Technologies

  • Material Testing Laboratory

  • Digital Reality Laboratory

  • Fuel and Reactor Materials Department
  • Laboratories with hot cell

  • Department for Strength Calculations

  • Department of Service of Chief Engineer

  • Laboratory of Non-destructive techniques, Institute of nuclear and physical engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

  • Laboratory of Structural Analyses, Faculty of Materials Science and Technology

  • Long-Term Operation Department

  • International Projects Department

  • Structural and Life Time Assessment Department

  • Mechanical Testing Department

  • Hot Cell Facility

  • Department of Nuclear Reactor Materials

  • Technology Platform Nuclear Technology

  • Division for diagnostics of nuclear power components

  • Laboratory of microstructural analysis of material

  • Laboratory of non-destructive testing of materials

  • Laboratory for corrosion and mechanical tests

Laboratories in Project

Fracture toughness measurement at Instron 8801



Tensile test in owen by laser extensometer at Instron 8801

Universal Testing System -
Instron (BiSS)UT-20-0100.

Optical microscopy - AXIO observer Z1M

Nanoindentation - HYSITRON TI PREMIER

Scanning electron microscopy - SU3500with EBS and EBSD detectors

High-resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy (HR-STEM) JEOL JEM ARM 200cF with the resolution of 0.78 Å

A complex of hot and semi-hot cells for the realization of experiments and analyses on irradiated materials of nuclear power plant components.

Fracture toughness prefatigue and testing cell with MTS and piezo prefatigue devices

Optical dimensioning and microhardness devices

Zwick Z250 tensile tester and environment chamber

Working face at EDM cell


Bobbin Probe

Mettalographic laboratory

Mock-up for qualification of heat exchanger tubes inspections