6. Radiation Load of Reactor Internals + Swelling

Impact of nano-oxides and injected gas on swelling and hardening of 18Cr10NiTi stainless steel during ion irradiation

Interactive effect of thermal aging and proton irradiation on microstructural evolution and hardening of δ-ferrite in 308L stainless steel weld metal

Macro-Scale strain localization in highly irradiated stainless steel investigated using digital image correlation

Morphology and elemental composition of a new iron-rich ferrite phase in highly irradiated austenitic steel

Microstructure degradation of austenitic stainless steels after 45 years of operation as VVER-440 reactor internals

Radiation-Induced Damage in Austenitic Structural Steels Used in Nuclear Reactors

Radiation damage to structural alloys in nuclear power plants: mechanisms and remediation

Synergistic effects of helium and hydrogen on self-ion-induced swelling of austenitic 18Cr10NiТi stainless steel

Prediction of void swelling in the baffle ring of WWER-1000 reactors for service life of 30–60 years

Radiation Damage in Austenitic Steels

Prediction of swelling of 18Cr10NiTi austenitic steel over a wide range of displacement rates

Void swelling and irradiation creep in light water reactor (LWR) environments

Microstructure evolution and degradation mechanisms of reactor internal steel irradiated with heavy ions

Displacement and helium-induced enhancement of hydrogen and deuterium retention in ion-irradiated 18Cr10NiTi stainless steel

The effect of dose rate on the response of austenitic stainless steels to neutron radiation

A review of irradiation effects on LWR core internal materials – IASCC susceptibility and crack growth rates of austenitic stainless steels

Radiation-induced degradation of stainless steel light water reactor internals

Modeling radiation induced segregation in Ni–Cr model alloys from first principles

Dose dependence of the microstructural evolution in neutron-irradiated austenitic stainless steel

Diffusion of He in austenitic stainless steels studied by TDPAC

Fatigue life predictions for irradiated stainless steels considering void swellings effects

TEM Study of Radiation Induced Defects in Baffle-Former-Barrel Assembly From Decommissioned NPP Greifswald

A Brief Review on He Ion Irradiation Research of Steel and Iron-Based Alloys in Nuclear Power Plants