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DELISA-LTO contributed  two posters at
the 29th International Conference on Applied Physics of Condensed Matter


DELISA-LTO was awarded by the International program L'ORÉAL-UNESCO  for Women in Science 2024  in the Slovak Region through Jana Simeg Veternikova, PhD. (STUBA) in the field of Engineering Sciences and Technologies. The prize was awarded under the auspices of the French ambassador in Slovakia, the president of Loreal and president of UNESCO in Slovakia, and the Slovak Academy of Sciences.


DELISA-LTO was presented at International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants (ICAPP) 2024 by UJV,  June 16–19, 2024, Las Vegas.


The Newsletter no.3 was issued !!!

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The newest VVER-440 in NPP Mochovce - Slovakia has already been operated on 100% power for 144 hours. Nowadays, the NPP is waiting for the issue of the license for permanent operation by the Nuclear Regular Authority of the Slovak Republic.


Our project was mentioned and described on Innovation News Network.

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Newsletter no. 02/2023 has been issued !!!

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Our project was mentioned in Slovak media.


The French-Czech-Slovak Winter University 2023 under the auspices of DELISA-LTO project as well as the French Embassy in Slovakia and the Czech Republic was organized from 6th to 10th February 2023 in Kočovce, Slovakia. 

See report from the workshop here.



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2nd Annular meeting of the DELISA-LTO project

Helsinki, Finland 25 - 27 June 2024

WP2 & WP4 meeting 

Bratislava, Slovakia 15 - 16 February 2024

A presentation about LTO of VVER 440 for students and employees of NPP Mochovce

A presentation about LTO in VVER 440 for students and employees of NPP Mochovce

NPP Mochovce, Slovakia, 29 September 2023

DELISA-LTO project on 28th International Conference of Applied Physics of Condensed Matter - APCOM 2023

Štrbské Pleso, Slovakia, 21-23 June 2023

General Assembly meeting

EK-CER, Budapest - Hungary, 05-06 June 2023

DELISA-LTO project's young members attended ENYGF 2023

Kraków, 08-12 May  2023

Workshop on:

Integrity Assessment of Main Structural Components Using Decommissioned Bohunice V1-NPP

6th-10th February 2023 in Kočovce, Slovakia

Technical meeting WP2 & WP4
Trnava - Slovak Republic, 21-22 November 2022

Nuclear days 2022  (Jaderné dny 2022)
Plzeň - Czech Republic, 14-19 October 2022

8th International Conference of VVER 2022

Session: LTO and maintenance, R&D

Řež -Czech Republic, 10-11 October 2022

Kick-off meeting

28- 29 June 2022
CVR, Řež - Czech Republic

Signature of DELISA LTO Grant Agreement: 30th May 2022
 Project beginning: 1st June 2022